Total number of exhibitors: 92

2 THETA ASE - Laboratory instruments: analyzers of trace elements (also process or transportable), microwave digestion units, ITP/CZE. Thermostic and climatic boxes, furniture, fume hoods. Tools for sample taking and preparation. Reference materials. Conferences and books.

ABL&E (A) - Sales and service of high level lab instrumentation: Testing of pharmaceutical materials, tablets, ointments, etc.), Circular Dichroism, Micro- and standard UV/VIS/NIR and FTIR, Fluorimetry, Polarimetry, Raman, SNOM, SPR, HPLC, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction.

AIR PRODUCTS - Air Products (NYSE:APD) is a world-leading Industrial Gases company in operation for over 75 years. The Company’s core industrial gases business provides atmospheric and process gases and related equipment to manufacturing markets, including refining and petrochemical, metals, electronics, and food and beverage. Air Products is also the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. The Company had fiscal 2016 sales of $7.5 billion from continuing operations in 50 countries and has a current market capitalization of approximately $30 billion. Approximately 16,000 employees are making Air Products the world’s safest and best performing industrial gases company, providing sustainable offerings and excellent service to all customers.

ALCHIMICA - Supplies raw materials for chemical, glass and pharmaceutical industry and also for the production of catalysts, fertilizers, pigments and frits and for use in food processing and the production of nutritional supplements etc. The company also focuses on special chemicals used in research, development, nanotechnology and other special applications. Business activities are divided into four business units: Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Nutraceuticals and Research & Life Sciences.

AMEDIS - Exclusive representative of laboratory and medical devices manufacturers for the Czech republic and Slovakia republic providing import, installation, training, warranty and post-warranty service of manufacturers: SCIEX, CEM, Teledyne ISCO, INFICON, Oxford Instruments, ERWEKA, Analytik Jena ICP-MS, NU Instruments, OI Analytical, Varian Medical Systems, LAP Laser, WOmed, IBA, ASHLAND, CIVCO Radiotherapy.

ANALYTIKA - Production, distribution of calibration standard solutions ASTASOL for spectroscopy and chromatography, CRM, QCM, buffers, conductivity standards, ultrapure chemicals (acids, organics solvents). Liquid handling products,safety boxes, ductless fume hoods, laboratory furniture.

ANAMET - Analytical equipment for laboratories, research and industry.

ANTON PAAR -Anton Paar is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 and in the field of rheometry.

BAS RUDICE - Spectrometers and metal analyzers for the measurement of chemical composition.

BC - CHEMSERVIS - Production and distribution of chemicals for industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory and science applications, spectral analysis, microelectronics, optoelectronics and vacuum systems. Chemicals for microelectronics MOS, VLSI, ULSI, SLSI grade. Microfiltration of inorganic and organic solvents by 50 nm membrane. Distilation of organic solvents. Solvents for GCMS, UV, UHPLC and LCMS

BECKMAN COULTER CZECH REPUBLIC - Instruments, kits, reagents and equipment for laboratories of clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, RIA laboratories and biomedical research laboratories (ultracentrifuges, high-capacity centrifuges, liquid handling & robotics and flow cytometry). Particle analyzers in air and liquids for use in the pharmaceutical industry, industrial operations and cleanroom monitoring in healthcare.

BRUKER - A global market and technology leader in research and quality control instrumentation. Bruker delivers a series of innovative, fully integrated systems for use in the Life Science, Food, Pharmaceutical, Toxicology a Forensics, Applied Analytical, and Clinical Research areas. Bruker Daltonics - a division of Bruker company - provides the best solutions for the very latest analytical questions with product and technology portfolio which includes MALDI-TOF MS, ESI-qTOF MS, Ion Trap MS, FTMS, LC-TQ and GC-TQ systems.

CARBON INSTRUMENTS - Exclusive distributor of Skalar analysers for Czech Republic and Slovakia. CFA analysers of water, soil, beer, wine, food, tobacco, fertilizers TOC and TN analysers Robotic analysers for BOD, COD, pH, ISE applications.

CARL ZEISS - Sales and service of optical microscopes including confocal and superresolution, stereomicroscopes, microdisection, electron and X-Ray microscopes.

CAYMAN PHARMA - Supplier of Cayman Chemical developed a deep knowledge in the synthesis, and characterization of (bio)chemicals ranging from small drug-like heterocycles to complex biolipids, fatty acids, and proteins. Cayman Chemical‘s well-known products are assay kits and antibodies.

CENTEC - Development and production of sensors, instrumentation and production technologies for breweries and pharmacy. Sale and service of measurement and control equipment and laboratory equipment. We are represented world-renowned brands primarily in the area of thermostats for heating and cooling up to extreme values, distillation units, rotary vacuum evaporators, dryers, etc. An exclusive representative of the German company Lauda in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. An authorized representative for the distribution and servicing of products from Swiss company brand Büchi Labortechnik AG in the Czech Republic.

CHEMAGAZÍN - Journal for chemical-technology a laboratory practice. Organizer of LABOREXPO trade fair and Pigments and binders conference.

CHROMSERVIS - Laboratory and process instruments, chromatography, measurement of physical properties, sampling and sample preparation.

CHROMSPEC - Laboratory equipment and accessories distribution, including validation a application service.

DELTA-CT - Manufacture of different high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use rapid test strips. By providing a means of pre-selection, they reduce the time and costs for laboratory analyses. Rapid tests provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the source that can be carried out with no special equipment and additional reagents. Company has own production facilities. Delta-CT's professional team uses modern technologies for developing new solutions to most complex analytical problems.

DIALAB - Production and distribution of clinical reagents. BIOTEK readers, equipments for ELISA kits, washers, photometers and spectrophotometers, HELLMA cuvettes and fibre optical system, analyzers for clinical chemistry and hematology, pipets and liquid handling instruments SOCOREX, freezedryers, laminar boxes, balances PRECISA, plastic materials GREINER BIO-ONE.

EPPENDORF CZECH & SLOVAKIA - A biotech company which develops, produces and distributes systems for use in life-science research laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes, dispensers and centrifuges as well as consumables such as micro test tubes and pipette tips.

EAST PORT PRAHA - East Port is leading supplier of laboratory reagencies (genomics, proteomics, cell analysis, human identification, endotoxin detection), instruments (spectrophotometry, luminometry, fluorometry, Molecular biology, Simple Western technology, pipettes, small laboratory equipment) IVF products for assisted human reproduction (media, instruments, catheters and needles) and plastic consumables (pipette tips, pastettes, tubes, racks, PCR tubes, strips and microplates).

HACH - The worldwide leader in water quality solutions. For over 80 years, Hach®’s water analysis solutions have helped customers of all sizes and industries deliver quality water. Lab solutions form the foundation of Hach. We offer regulatory-approved methods for confidence in water quality to municipal and industrial facilities. With a broadline of analytical solutions, we make water analysis better – faster, simpler, greener, and more informative.

HANNA INSTRUMENTS CZECH - Hanna Instruments office responsible for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Supplier and service centre of analytical instruments: electrochemistry, titration, photometry, nephelometry and refractometry. Hanna Instruments offers original and innovative solutions in a robust cover.

HELAGO-CZ - Fully equipped laboratory – furniture, devices and tools, consumable supplies.

HILGER - Analytical technics and spectrometers.

HPST - An authorized distributor of Agilent Technologies for the Czech Republic, a specialist in analytical instrumentation for chromatography, mass spectrometry, dissolution, molecular and atomic spectroscopy, molecular and cell biology and genomics. A provider of authorized services for Agilent Technologies instruments, support (installation, repair, preventive maintenance, functional verification and operational qualification), software and hardware trainings, workshops, method development and application support.

ING. PETR ŠVEC - PENTA - Production and distribution of pure, special and laboratory chemicals. Products made-to-order.

INTERTEC (SK) - A wholsaler of analytical and diagnostic instruments for chemical, environmental, healthcare, scientific and inspection laboratories. We supply: instruments for elemental analysis of compounds, equipment for preparation of samples for analysis, non-invasive diagnostic instruments, instruments for sterilization and disinfection, aparatus on water purifying for laboratories, laboratory equipment and glassware, service, maintenance advice and consulting.

ILABO -  Autorised sales and service of laboratory instruments and accessories.

JHS LABORATORY - Laboratory equipment and accessories distribution.

KATKO - Special pumps distributor.

KONEKO MARKETING - Authorised sale and service of laboratory equipment and accessories. Consulting and education in area of environment with externalisation on air protection.

KOUŘIL DÁVKOVACÍ ČERPADLA - Peristaltic pumps and dispensers manufacture.

KRD - Biotechnological distribution company offering a large scale of laboratory equipment (e.g. freezers, biohazard boxes, incubators, autoclaves, …), reagents (oligonucleotides, polymerases, media, …) and consumables (rubber gloves, tips, tissue culture products, …).

LABICOM - Delivery of laboratory instruments and accessories for sample preparation, gas and liquid chromatography and other separation techniques, delivery of standards, CRM and special pure chemicals for different applications. Supply special and technical consultation, software support and service activities. Authorized distributor e.g. of Agilent Technologies and Honeywell Research Chemicals.

LABIMEX CZ - Laboratory equipments - UV/VIS, IR spectrophotometers, particle size analyzers. Test chambers for environmental tests of materials and products, detectors of toxic and explosive gazes - personal, portable and fix installations.

LABOR-KOMPLET - Laboratory equipment, accessories and aids distribution, manufacture of laboratory furniture.

LABOSERV - Sales and service of laboratory instrumentation. Laminar and PCR cabinets, incubators, sterilisers, driers, ELISA automates, shakers, rotators, vortexes, homogenizers, mixers, thermostats, tempered shakers, centrifuges, balances, water baths, UV recirkulators, densitometers, pipettes, etc.

LABTECH - Accredited analytical laboratories. Sale and service of analytical instruments, vacuum equipment and devices for gas flow and pressure control, equipment for material testing. Leak detection testing systems development and manufacturing. Mass quadrupole spectrometers, x-ray diffractometers, elemental analyzers C/S, N/O/H, CHNS-O, AOX/EOX analyzers and consumables. Equipment for cyclic fatigue tests, strength testing of materials, corrosion and climatic chambers. Vacuum technology and leakage detection.

LABTECHNIK - A supplier and authorized distributor of laboratory equipment, instrumentation and consumables for over 20 years. A provider of technical services and support.

LACH-NER - Pure chemicals and specialized services.

LECO INSTRUMENTE - Production of elementary analysis of inorganic and organic materials, thermogravimetry, calorimeters, optical emission spectrometers, metallography, hardness testers and mass spectrometers GC-TOF/MS, GCxGC-TOF/MS..

LGC STANDARDS (PL) - Europe‘s leading independent provider and producer of proficiency testing, analytical, forensic and diagnostic services and reference standards. Distributor of original ATCC bioproducts. These high quality products and services are essential for accurate analytical measurement and quality control, ensuring sound decisions are made based on reliable data.

LESAK - Manufacture, sale and service of scales and weighing equipment. Scales for business, industry, gastronomy, laboratories, hospitals and many other sectors. Representation brands PRECISA, TSCALE, YAOHUA, TORREY.

LINDE GAS - The biggest producer and distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases in the Czech Republic. The specialty gas program offers broad range of rare gases, high-purity gases and their mixtures, calibration gases/reference materials (own authorised laboratory in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025), chosen chemicals, and refrigerants. All products are supplied in pressure cylinders, drums and containers with standardised volumes, as well as in small portable cylinders (ECOCYL®) and inovative cylinders GENIE®. Offer also includes specialty gas equipment (cylinder pressure regulators, gas supply panels both for inert and corrosive gases, point of use regulators), tailor-made laboratory and central supply systems.

MEDIAL - Laboratory marking labels BRADY - laboratory and industrial thermal transfer printers, labels for extreme thermal and chemical environment, scanners, software, service.

MERCI - A leading European manufacturer of laboratory furniture operating on the market since 1993. The major products are laboratory furniture from particle board or high pressure laminate, microprocessor controlled metal fume cupboards and metal service cells for media distribution. The basis for the successful activity of the MERCI company is a comprehensive support for its customers. The quality is guaranteed by certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 a OHSAS 18001.

MERCK – Exclusive representative of Life Science division of global pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck KGaA having more than 19,000 employees in 66 countries, possessing 65 manufacturing sites and 130 distribution centers worldwide. Combined Merck and Sigma-Aldrich® portfolio includes more than 330,000 products for all types of scientific, industrial and contract laboratories and also for various production processes and chemical technologies. Industry and research leading website with more than 77 million visits annually.

MESSER TECHNOGAS - Specialty gases and equipment for laboratories. Gases for GC, HPLC, GCMS, AAS, ICP. High purity gases, liquefied gases and gas mixtures. Equipment for gas purification. Transport and storage vessels for liquefied gases. Pressure regulators for each gas. Tapping points for laboratory furniture and fume hoods. Pressure control panels and tapping points for pipe line supplying. Central gas pipe line systems “turnkey projects”.

METROHM ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA - One of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm was founded in 1943 by engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau, Switzerland. Today, we are present in more than 80 countries with our own subsidiaries and exclusive distributors. Headquartered in Herisau, Switzerland, the Metrohm Group also includes Metrohm Applikon and Metrohm Autolab, manufacturers of online analyzers and instruments for electrochemical research, respectively.

METTLER TOLEDO - Leading global supplier of precision instruments and is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. METTLER TOLEDO provides weighing solutions that help customers by automating processes, increasing yields, controlling product quality and complying with industry standards and regulations.

Měřicí technika Morava - Measurement technic Moravia is distributor of companies like BRUKER for field of X-Ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy, NMR, Profilometry, Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanoindentation and many other techniques, then also companies like SPECS, BESTEC, SENTECH and CREATEC for Systems of Surface Analysis (XPS, UHV-SPM, LEEM,…), Deposition and Etching and Custom UHV systems, also companies like AVANTES and ZOLIX for Modular Spectroscopical Systems and companies TECHNOTEAM and GOOCH and HOUSEGO for Measurement of Light. From year 2017 we are offering tabletop SEMs from company SEC Korea.

M.G.P. - Universal supplier for research activities.

MILCOM SERVIS - Exclusive distribution equipment company for the entire FOSS Agrokomplex Czech and Slovak Republics, customer service, spare parts, consultancy, calibrations, connections to domestic and international inter-laboratory tests, pilot and reference samples.

NABERTHERM (D) - Nabertherm with 500 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for 70 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces.

NEJLABO - Represents on the Czech and Slovak market company POL-EKO, to which we specialize for several years. Focuses on laboratory equipment for laboratories, hospitals, research institutes and schools. Provides comprehensive services - servicing, installation, delivery of goods, training of staff.

NEOTEC - Representative of IKA-Werke, SYRRIS Ltd. a DOLOMITE Ltd. microfluidics systems and Thermo Scientific ORION - Water analysis in the Czech republic. Expert in calorimetry and flow chemistry.

NETTO ELECTRONICS - High precision balances for laboratory and analyzes VIBRA with division from 0,01 mg. Scales and weighting system SOEHNLE Professional, SNOWREX, EXCELL and ISHIDA for stock, production, gastronomy and office. NETTOControl electronic system for warehouse management and manufacturing.

NETZSCH - Production and sales of the Thermal analysis instruments - DSC, TG, DTA, TG/DSC/DTA, TMA, DMA, DIL, LFA, coupling with MS, FTIR, GC/MS. Contract testing.

NICOLET-CZ - FT-IR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman, Raman spetrometers, process analyzers. Accessories, spectral libraries, automation.

O.K. SERVIS BIOPRO - Large portfolio of laboratory instruments and laboratory equipment - refractometers, polarimeters, density meters, digital microscopes, FT-NIR and FT-IR spectrofotometers, TXRF spectrometers, humidity meters, sample preparation, laboratory consumables.

OPTIXS - Supplier of instrument and laser technology for highly accurate metrology and research. Comprehensive services beginning with advice, continuing with delivery of the system and ending with long-term device maintenance and support. Representative of the world's leading manufacturers - Andor, Coherent, Quantum Design, J.A. Woollam CO., Edinburgh Instruments, NKT Photonics, Ocean Optics, TMC, Thorlabs, Quantel, Physik Instrumente, Hamamatsu, Zygo.

OPTIK INSTRUMENTS - Optik Instruments offers FTIR and Raman spectrometers and microscopic systems of the German manufacturer BRUKER who uses its patented hi-tech components and technologies. The company utilizes its many years of experience related to the application of high-end, R&D, routine and process instruments in science, laboratories and industry. Optik Instruments is the distributor for the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Croatia where, in addition to distribution, the company provides technical and consulting services.

ORGREZ - ORGREZ, a.s. provides services and supplies for many specific power and thermal engineering industries, for fuel energy conversion, power generation and distribution processes in general. The Proficiency Testing Group provides the proficiency testing programmes that are focused on testing laboratories, which perform solid fossil fuel tests (brown coal, black coal) and biofuels tests.

PCS - X-ray and OES spectrometers and special diffractometers, mobile and handheld analyzers for verification of material, apparatus for the detection of structural changes in the surface material, analyzers for environmental assessment under RoHS, mobile and handheld analyzers for chemical analysis and sorting of waste treatment, X-ray analyzers for the measurement layer thickness.

PE SYSTEMS - A distributor of PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Science instruments and reagents.

P-LAB - High quality laboratory equipment and chemicals.

PRAGOLAB - Sale of laboratory devices.

RMI - Complex solutions in analytic chemistry, material testing and mobile spectroscopy technologies.

SARTALEX - Sell and service arrangement SARTORIUS: Laboratory and industrial scale, checking scales, metrological weights and weight sets, communication software, density determination kit, pipette calibration set, Load Cell, laboratory and industrial filtration. Sell and service arrangement ACCULAB: Laboratory and industrial scale.

SHIMADZU - Our product lines include analytical systems for chromatography (HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS), spectroscopy (UV/VIS, FTIR, AAS) and environmental analysis, general sum parameters (TOC, TN). Our new division, Shimadzu Biotech, is aimed at the emerging Life Sciences and High Throughput Screening markets, and already supports preparative and analytical LCMS incl. IT TOF as well as MALDI-TOF systems.

SCHMACHTL CZ - Representative of front manufactures in vacuum pumps, pumps and filters. And also exclusive representative of world famous manufacturers in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and engineering.

SCHOELLER INSTRUMENTS – Distribution of laboratory equipment and disposable plastic, authorised service and validation.

SIPOCH - Exclusive representation of Gilson in CR, SR and authorized service of Gilson product. Pipettes, dispensers, peristaltic and other pumps. Automated pipetting station, automated sample preparation SPE, GPC, prepLC, CLC, HPLC pumps auto-samplers and interval samplers fraction collectors. Valves, connection component LC. Production and modifications of instrument and accessories.

SISW - Development and production of special and customized devices, especially for liquid chromatography. Sales and service of systems for the preparation of purified water. Delivery of laboratory equipment components and chromatographic accessories. Authorized distributor of electrochemical instrumentation Antech Scientific.

SOTAX - Czech and Slovak representation of SOTAX Group – the manufacturer and supplier of the dissolution testing devices and physical devices measuring instruments including hardness, disintegration, friability, tap density testers including flowability testers with integrity through q-doc® data software. The apparatus assembly includes an automatic sample preparation device for analytical determination. The service offer covers a complete service for the SOTAX portfolio of testing devices, including the CRO offer of SPS Pharma‘s subsidiary, focusing on the development and validation of the dissolution methods.

SPECION - The supplier of laboratory instrumentation and test equipment for the automotive, electronics and chemical industries, research and development in the field of study materials and surfaces, biology, biochemistry and pharmacy. On the Czech and Slovak markets represents a reputable foreign manufacturers of these devices.

SPECTRO CS - Purchasing and selling, install, calibration and service of analysers and spectrometers.

SPŠ CHEMICKÁ PARDUBICE - Secondary school of chemistry Pardubice - top educational institution with great developing potential. Except traditional chemistry-oriented subjects the school provides also fire-safety and security-law branches. In recent time school underwent massive reconstruction especially in a laboratory section. Laboratories are equiped with advanced instrumentation such as XRF, gama-spectrometry, Raman spectrometry, HPLC, GC, UV-VIS and further. SPŠCH provides education to regular students as well as retraining programs for industrial employees with regard to National register of qualification. School is commercially active in surface treatment and analytical chemistry field.

TECHNOPROCUR CZ - In the Czech Republic represents several leading global manufacturers of process analyzers, laboratory, pilot plant and production equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industries, research, development and pilot production. Most manufacturers represented are from Switzerland and Germany. Technoprocur is on the Czech market since 1997. Our philosophy is to deliver high quality, reliable equipment with high durability, low-maintenance, with minimum operating costs, and of course at affordable prices.

TESTO - Manufacture of hand portable instruments for the measuring of temperature, humidity, pressure and air flow speed, converters of the aforementioned quantities, instruments for the measuring of speed, light, noise, flue gas analysis, gas leackage detection, device for the servicing of cooling and VAC equipment, thermography, measuring system with storing data and instruments for measuring electrical quantities. Testo performs accredited and ISO calibration.

TRIGON PLUS - Supplier of a laboratory equipment, sales and authorized service, accredited testing and calibration laboratory. Centrifuges, biohazard boxes, laminar boxes, PCR boxes, decontamination systems, exhaust-free fume-hoods, bio-imaging /gel documentation - analysis systems, electrophoresis systems and power supplies, systems for automatic counting of bacterial colonies and inhibition zones analysis, deep-freezing boxes -86 °C, freezing and cooling boxes, cryoequipment -180 °C, thermostats with CO2/O2 atmosphere, thermostats, anaerobic atmosphere boxes, dryers, vacuum centrifugation concentrators, lyophilizers, devices for processing of micro-plates, spectrofotometers, devices for molecular biology, pipettes, lab consumables, shakers, water baths, agar cooking pots and automatic Petri-dishes filling units, washers, water purification, temperature monitoring systems, animal care products and related equipment.

TRILAB GROUP - Manufacturer and supplier of 3D printers, organizer trainings and workshops and custom 3D printing services.

UNI-EXPORT INSTRUMENTS - Supplies of equipment for physical characterisation of particles, surfaces and materials nad chemical analyses of surfaces.

UNIMED PRAHA - Delivery of laboratory and medical equipment for the health, veterinary clinics and veterinary dispensaries, food industry, education, ecology and environmental protection, chemical industry, pharmacy and other laboratories in the Czech Republic. Supplies the facilities for the safe storage, handling and collection of hazardous and flammable substances in laboratories, technical operations and warehouses. Provide all technical services such as customer service (during and after the warranty period), preventive maintenance, validation of equipment and devices, verification of measuring instruments in the field of temperature and speed.

VERDER SCIENTIFIC - A direct sales organisation of Retsch, Retsch Technology and Carbolite Gero for Czech and Slovak republic. We deliver solution in sample preparation, particle characterisation and heat treatment.

VICAM - Vicam as a part of Waters business produces broad range of products for mycotoxins analysis and detection in food/feed. Depending on the product type, there are different types of instrumentation used: fluorometer, TLC, HPLC or LC/MS. The product portfolio consists of: Immunoaffinity columns for single mycotoxins, Immunoaffinity columns for 6 mycotoxins in parallel, Test strips with VERTU reader, Fluorometer.

WATEK - Produce of water treatment equipment. The range of production includes High Purity water treatment devices for laboratories as well as devices for medical and industrial applications. The company provides complex services from project designing to service staff training. Products: Laboratory water treatment systems, Water treatment device for Pharmacy industry, Water treatment device for medical using.

WATREX PRAHA - Since 1990 WATREX has been a world-wide provider of HPLC with expertise in applications, method development, service and support of various instruments. Past and current distributorships include Waters, Agilent, Thermo, Knauer, Polymer Labs, Shodex, Tosoh, GL Science, Mitsubishi Chemical, Dr. Maisch and others. We currently manufacture own line of systems and specialized LC instruments. Our trademark product line includes LC columns (normal phase, reversed phase, ion and chiral chromatography, etc.).

WTW - Measuring and analytical technique. Representatives WTW, SI ANALYTICS, EBRO, BELLINGHAM + STANLEY, HF SCIENTIFIC, MJK, OI ANALYTICAL.

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